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iPhone Digital Camera Driver Issue, iPhone Not Showing Up Under My Computer

iPhone Digital Camera Driver Issue, iPhone Not Showing Up Under My Computer

I typically transfer images from my iPhone to my Windows XP computer by clicking on My Computer, clicking on the Apple iPhone icon, and then transferring the images to another folder on the computer. Today I plugged in the iPhone via USB to my Windows XP laptop and I was surprised to see that the iPhone Camera was not showing as a drive after clicking on My Computer. To verify I hadn’t made a configuration change on accident that was causing this to not show up I verified that the computer was not seeing the iPhone’s camera by opening up Control Panel and clicking on Scanners and Cameras.

**UPDATE: The first solution is what worked for me but there have been some comments confirming that the below will not solve everyones issue. Another solution to try is to delete any images you have saved to the Camera Roll from email. It appears in some situations if images are saved from emails that it is causing issues with the digital camera driver and you will be unable to retrieve images from the iPhone if you have saved images you received via email. I attempted to duplicate the issue with emailed gif’s and emailed jpg’s but I was unable to though I am sure this issue exists for others as it has already been confirmed at least twice in the comments below.  

iPhone Not Showing Under My Computer:

iPhone Not Showing Under My Computer

Everything else did seem to be working fine with the iPhone’s USB driver on my computer. I was able to charge the iPhone, backup the iPhone, and sync the iPhone to iTunes. I don’t believe the driver had been updated recently though I am not sure that it wasn’t. Below are instructions on how to resolve this issue by removing the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver which is used by the iPhone and letting it reinstall itself.

Reinstall Apple Mobile Device USB Driver:

  1. Attach iPhone Via USB:Make sure the iPhone is attached to the computer via the USB cable. Wait to proceed with the steps below until the iPhone has completed backing up and syncing to iTunes.
  2. Open Device Manager: Right click on My Computer and select Properties from the drop down menu. This will open System Properties as shown below. System Properties opens on the General tab so you will need to click on the Hardware tab which is the active tab in the image below.

    Windows XP System Properties: Hardware Tab

    Click the Device Manager button to open the Device Manager as shown below.

    Device Manager USB Devices

  3. Remove iPhone USB Driver:As you can see in the above image the iPhone USB drive is actually called Apple Mobile Device USB Driver. We want to remove this driver by expanding the list of USB drivers which can be done by clicking the + next to Universal Serial Bus controllers. This is already done in the image above but I wanted to mention in case you were unfamiliar with the Device Manager. Now right click on Apple Mobile Device USB Driver and select Uninstall from the drop down menu. A confirmation like the one shown in the below image will require you confirm you want to remove the iPhone USB driver.Click the OK button on the pop up confirmation window as shown below which will remove the driver.

    Confirm Device Removal: Apple Mobile Device USB Driver 

  4. Reinstall iPhone Driver:Once the driver has been removed you should unplug the iPhone from the USB cable. To reinstall the iPhone USB driver plug it back into the USB cable and the reinstalling of the driver will start automatically. There will be numerous pop up messages displayed near the system clock in the lower right corner of your Windows XP desktop. Once you see the pop up message confirming that your new device is ready to use everything should be working properly again.
  5. Verify iPhone Camera Detected: Open My Computer now to verify that the iPhone is displayed and you can click on it as you previously were able to do. The below image shows the iPhone Camera icon displaying underneath My Computer.

    iPhone Icon Displaying Under My Computer

Another way you can verify the driver is reinstalled properly is to open Device Manager and expand Imaging Devices. You should now see “Apple iPhone” displayed again as shown in the below image.

Device Manager: Imaging Devices - Apple iPhone

You can now go back to transferring images to and from your iPhone.

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