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Wave Security: There Are No Active Fingerprints Registered For This User

I recently reinstalled Windows XP Professional on a Dell D420 that has a biometric fingerprint scanner which is utilized by Wave Systems Embassy Security Suite with the Dell Trusted Platform Module(TPM). I thought I had it working properly after the reinstall but I kept running into errors so I attempted to follow the documentation to delete users, enroll fingerprints different ways, and other instructions that I could find on the Wave Systems web site. I seemed to always end up at the same place which was I could type in a password or swipe my fingerprint but when the attempt was made to automatically login to Windows XP a error would pop up stating that no fingerprints were active for this user. Once I clicked the OK button on the error I could swipe the exact same fingerprint and I would login to Windows without issue. Below are details regarding the error, other steps I attempted to resolve the issue, and the final steps that resolved my problem.

Dell D420 Embassy Security Suite Error:

There Are No Fingerprints Registered For This User

Embassy Security Center Error Text: There are no active fingerprints registered for this user.

If you have other issues some of the below steps may help you resolve the problem but in my case they did not resolve the issue. I wanted to list them though just in case someone needed to try to reset all of the settings or delete any users.

Steps Taken That Did Not Resolve The Issue Completely:

  1. Delete Enrolled Users Via CLI: Run the following application by double clicking it: C:\Program Files\Wave Systems Corp\Dell Preboot Manager\deleteusers.exe.
  2. Delete Enrolled Users Via GUI: If you prefer a graphical interface that will perform the same task as the above application you can download a GUI version of deleteusers.exe from Wave here.
  3. Clear The Trusted Platform Module: Follow the directions here to clear the TPM on a Dell computer.

If you have the same error noted above, the “There are no active fingerprints registered for this user” error, then I suggest first deleting the enrolled users, clearing the TPM (Trusted Platform Module), and then reactivating the TPM before running the Security Setup Wizard as explained below.

Dell D420 Wave Systems Embassy Security Setup Wizard:

  1. Launch Security Setup Wizard: Launch the Security Setup Wizard by clicking Start, selecting Security by Wave Systems from the pop up menu, and then selecting the Security Setup Wizard which will launch as shown in the below image.

    Dell Embassy Security Setup Wizard

  2. Start Fingerprint Initialization: Click the Next button shown in the above image to start the fingerprint initialization. This is step one of two as described in the below image.

    Initialize Fingerprints And Secure Login

  3. Enter System Password: Once you click the Next button to begin fingerprint initialization you will be required to enter the system password in the window shown below.

    Embassy Security Center System Password

  4. Select User & Domain: After entering the system password in the above window and clicking the Next button you will need to select the user you wish to enroll for the Embassy Security System. The user you are logged in with will automatically appear as shown in the below image however you can select other users to enroll by clicking the Select Other User button if you choose to do so.

    Embassy Security Center Select User & Domain

    If you do choose to enroll another user you should verify the user and domain are correct before you continue.

  5. Swipe Fingerprint For Verification: After selecting the user and domain in the above image and clicking the Next button the Enrollment Wizard will begin to process as shown below.

    Embassy Security Center Enrollment Wizard Progress

    Before moving on to actually enrolling fingerprints you will be required to swipe a fingerprint to verify functionality of the biometric fingerprint scanner on your computer. A small window as shown below will pop open and request you to swipe your fingerprint so simply swipe your fingerprint slowly in your fingerprint reader to move forward.

    Security by Wave Systems: Embassy Security Center Swipe Finger

  6. Skip Tutorial & Enroll Fingerprints: After successfully swiping your finger in the above step the beginning of an interactive tutorial will open as shown below.

    Embassy Security Center: Interactive Finger Swipe Tutorial

    If you are not sure how you should swipe your finger in the biometric fingerprint reader then follow the interactive tutorial however if you have done this before then remove the check from the “Run interactive tutorial” check box and click the Next button. This will open the enroll fingerprints configuration window which displays two hands and will allow you to enroll all ten of your fingerprints as shown below. Make sure you enroll at least two of your fingerprints and then click the Finish button.

    Embassy Security Center: Enroll Fingerprints Configuration Window

    After you click the Finish button as noted above it will take a couple seconds and then you will receive verification that you have successfully enrolled the fingerprints for this user as shown below.

    Embassy Security Center: Successful Preboot Fingerprint Enrollment

  7. Skip Step Two: For now you can skip step two as it is not required to resolve the error mentioned in the beginning of this article. You can always come back and configure these other items once you have the Preboot Authentication and Automatic Windows Logon configured properly. So just click the Next button in the configuration window shown below to move on to the last step.

    Embassy Security Setup Wizard Step Two

  8. Review Security Settings: After clicking the Next button in the above configuration window you will move on to the final step which is reviewing the security settings that were just configured including Fingerprint & Secure Login and Other Applications. We skipped the Other Applications so they will show “Ready To Use” while the Fingerprint & Secure Login should display as Initialized as shown below. Click the Finish button in the below window to complete the Security Setup Wizard.

    Wave Systems: Embassy Security Center Review Security Settings

  9. Reboot & Verify Settings: Now reboot your computer to verify the original error no longer displays. On the first reboot you will be required to type in the system password and may be required to type in the users password as well before logging into the computer. Don’t worry this is only required once so after you successfully login reboot again but this time you should only be required to swipe your fingerprint once.

Hope this helps someone out as the error I describe above was a thorn in my side for quite some time. I was unable to find the answer on Wave Systems web site and in troubleshooting it I was trying way to hard to make the issue more complicated than it really was. The answer was right in front of me the entire time and if I had simply run the Security Setup Wizard in the beginning I could have saved myself a lot of time.

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