How To Enable Call Forwarding On Insight Communications Phone Service

Insight Communications offers phone service over their cable broadband modems. Many of the phone features are exactly like other phone service such as call forwarding. To enable call forwarding on a Insight Communications digital phone follow the directions below.

Enable Call Forwarding On Insight Communications Digital Phone:

  1. Obtain Dial Tone: Take your phone off hook so you can hear a dial tone.
  2. Enable Call Forwarding: Type “*72” and you will hear a stutter dial tone.
  3. Specify Number: After the stutter dial tone stops and you have a dial tone again type in the number you want to forward to including the area code. So if you want to forward to 502-111-1111 type 5021111111 and then hang up.
  4. Verify Forward: Now dial the number that the forward is set up on to verify it is working. It should ring once or twice at the number and then start ringing at the number you have forwarded the original number to.
  5. Disable Call Forwarding: To disable call forwarding pick up the phone and type “*73”.

It is easy to enable and disable call forwarding as shown above using *72 and *73. There are many other features available on your Insight Communications digital phone which can be seen here.

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