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Embassy Security Center Error: This Fingerprint Is Already Enrolled, Cannot Enroll This Fingerprint

My Dell d420 came with a biometric fingerprint scanner which is configured using the Wave Systems Embassy Security Center. If you have recently reinstalled the OS on your laptop more than likely the operating system configuration is out of sync with the TPM(Trusted Platform Module) Security Chip. This means that the biometric security will work preboot however it will not work for Windows logon. So you will not be able to swipe your fingerprint and automatically logon to Windows securely and you will also not be able to lock your computer and log back into Windows by swiping your fingerprint.

Wave Systems Embassy Security Center Finger Swipe Error:

Fingerprint Is Already Enrolled. Cannot Enroll This Fingerprint.

Error: The fingerprint is already enrolled. Cannot enroll this fingerprint.

To resolve the above issue when attempting to update fingerprints via the Embassy Security Center follow the steps below.

Update Fingerprint Associations After Reinstalling Windows:

  1. Delete Previous Users: Open the “Dell Preboot Manager” folder by visiting the following path: C:\Program Files\Wave Systems Corp\Dell Preboot Manager\. In this folder you will see deleteusers.exe which will remove the users configured from the previous Windows install. Double click on deleteusers.exe which will launch a command prompt window, scan for previous users, and then request confirmation to delete these users as shown below.

    Embassy Security Center Delete Users Confirmation

    Click Yes to confirm that you want to delete these users which will continue the process and remove the users. Once the deleteusers application is done running it will display “users deleted…” at the bottom of the command prompt window as shown below. Click enter to close the command prompt window.

    Wave Security System Delete Users

  2. Launch Embassy Security Center: Now launch the Embassy Security Center by clicking the Start button, select All Programs from the pop up menu, navigate to Security by Wave Systems, and select Embassy Security Center. The Embassy Security Center will display as shown below when clicked on.

    Embassy Security Center

  3. Open Preboot Manager: Now select the Preboot Manager in the left menu which will open the Preboot Manager configuration window as shown below.


  4. Enroll Fingerprints: Click the Enroll button located near the bottom right corner of the window. This will open the Preboot Manager Enrollment Wizard where you will first be required to enter the system password. Enter the password and click the Next button. Select the primary user you use to logon to Windows and click Next. Select Enroll Fingerprint for BIOS Preboot Authentication and click the Next button. You will need to swipe your finger to register a fingerprint if there are already fingerprints registered and you will come to the Enrollment Hints window. Remove the check from the Run Interactive Tutorial check box and click Next which will display a configuration window with two hands and buttons at each fingertip as shown below.

    Wave Systems Security Center Fingerprint Configuration Window

    Click a button above any of your fingerprints which will open the Swipe Finger window as shown below. Just swipe the correct finger three times to save the fingerprint.


    After you have configured all of the fingerprints you want the interface will look similar to the below.

    Embassy Security Center Fingerprint Enrollment

    Click the Finish button to save all of the fingerprints.

  5. Reboot & Verify: Now reboot your computer to verify the new fingerprints are working properly.

There are other things you can configure with the Embassy Security Center like automatic logon to Windows, biometric logon to Windows, etc. If any of the other items interest you just open Embassy Security Center and play around with the settings but make sure you understand any changes you make before saving.

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