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Modify Skype Default Language Settings, Skype Arabic To Skype English

Numerous people have been asking me recently how to modify the default language settings in Skype. Typically the people are living in a different country and the Skype installation appears to set the default language based on the country the application is downloaded in.

There are a couple tricks when modifying the language because chances are you will not be fluent in the language Skype is currently configured with. The other issue may be that some languages are written right to left such as Arabic instead of left to right such as English. Below I describe how to modify the language setting in Skype without even knowing what the menus are saying. Specifically I provide images on how to modify from Arabic to English and from English to any other language.

Modify Skype Default Language Setting:

  1. Launch Skype: First launch the Skype application. Below are examples of what Skype will look like when it is launched and the default language is set to English or Arabic.
    English: Skype Default Language English Arabic: Skype Default Language Arabic
  2. Open Skype Options: Now this is where it gets tricky depending on the language and location of the Skype menu options which are always going to be the same except they will be backwards depending on the language. So first you need to click on Tools in the top navigation menu which is always the second to last option in the top navigation menu.
    English: Skype Tools Menu English Arabic: Skype Tools Menu Arabic
    Once you click tools a drop down menu will display and you will need to select Options which is located at the very bottom of the drop down menu regardless of language.
    English: Skype Tools Sub Menu Options English Arabic: Skype Tools Sub Menu Options Arabic
  3. Modify Skype Default Language: After you have selected Options from the Tools menu a new configuration window will appear. The fourth option down will be the default language setting as shown below in both English and Arabic so modify it to the language of your choice.
    English: Skype Options General Settings Arabic: Skype Modify Default Language From Arabic to English
  4. Save Skype Options: Last but not least you need to click the Save button located in the bottom right hand corner of the configuration window. You shouldn’t need images to show which button is which since the language setting will modify the language immediately and you should now be able to navigate Skype without issue.

You would have figured this out more than likely on your own but not even knowing what the Skype configuration menus are saying makes it an impossible task. Have fun with Skype it is a great way to communicate to people for an amazing price.

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