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iPhone Analytics App Login Error: Unable to Login, Bad Username or Password

I have been using the iPhone Analytics App available via the iTunes App Store for quite some time. It allows you to view all of the sites you have configured in Google Analytics in a very clean interface on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Recently when logging in I have been getting an error that my username and password are incorrect. The issue appears to be that Google recently modified the way others can access the web analytics data and have now provided a new API so the developers have mentioned that they are completely rewriting the application and will launch a new version in 2 to 3 weeks. The developers also have offered a refund to anyone asking though I would suggest everyone to hold on as they are being up front and they have the best Google Analytics application for the iPhone.

iPhone Analytics App Unable To Login:

iPhone Analytics App: Unable To Login

To initially investigate this problem I visited the Analytics App support web page here. On that support page is where I got the initial steps to unlock the Google Accounts Captcha however they also mentioned that there were still some people having the problem after following their steps. I think if they included a reboot as a last step that it would resolve all users issues so I have emailed them my findings. Below is a recreation of the steps from their site including the final step of rebooting.

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Resolve Unable to Login Error With Analytics App:

  1. Open Google Captcha Unlock: Visit the Google Accounts Captcha Unlock located here in the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPod Touch as shown below.

    Google Accounts Unlock Captcha

  2. Complete Form & Submit: Complete the form including your Analytics username, your Analytics password, and the Captcha letter combination on your iPhone and then click Submit. When you successfully submit the form you will get a confirmation message as shown below.

    Google Accounts Successfully Unlock Captcha

  3. Reboot iPhone: Now power off your iPhone or iPod Touch by holding the power button down until you receive the “Slide to Power Off” slide bar at which time you should slide the bar across to the right to power down your iPhone. Once your iPhone has completely powered down hold the power button again to power the device back up.
  4. Verify Analytics App Is Working: Once the iPhone has started click on the Analytics App icon on your home screen to verify you can view the sites you have configured in Google Analytics. If the above steps have been successful then you will be taken to the Analytics App home screen as shown below. If things have not been successful then the “Unable to login” message will appear over the Analytics App settings screen.

    iPhone Analytics App Home Screen

You should also consider which Google account you login to the Analytics App with as I have numerous aliases associated with my Google account so I made sure to run the unlock captcha form for each Google login I have. I would specifically make sure that you fill out the captcha unlock form for your primary user@gmail.com login via Safari on your iPhone.

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I have always been impressed with this application and would recommend it for anyone wanting to view Google Analytics via their iPhone. It makes me feel even more confident in the developers because of how they have approached this issue promptly and honestly. The fact that the Analytics App developers even offered a refund says a lot about their integrity so I hope they continue to do well with the application.

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