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Put An iPod Touch 2G With 3.0 Firmware Into DFU Mode With A Broken Power Button

I have a second generation iPod Touch that is out of warranty and the power button is broken. Figuring out how to get the Touch into DFU mode was not easy as there are numerous hints out there at how to do this but most say things will break if you are running firmware 3.0+.

I tried to do this initially using Ziphone which did not work. I next tried to complete this using the dfu.exe that is available but this also did not work. Finally I decided to take a chance and use the method that others said would brick the device however I was able to get into DFU mode without issue. Below I describe step by step what needs to be done to get your iPod Touch 2G running 3.0 firmware from Apple into DFU mode. Please note this was only tested on an iPod Touch second generation running firmware 3.0 so I don’t have any idea what the affect would be on different model iDevices running different firmware versions.

**NOTE: If your device is under warranty to go ahead and get it replaced so the power button works and you don’t have to risk ruining the device.

Put iPod Touch 2G With 3.0 Firmware Into DFU Mode:

  1. Dowload 3.0 Firmware: Visit this page to find a iPod Touch 2G 3.0 firmware download.
  2. Duplicate Firmware: Duplicate the firmware you have downloaded into a new directory so you have two copies of it.
  3. Modify Firmware Ending: Now modify the .ipsw file ending of one of the copies to .zip.
  4. Unzip Files: Now use your favorite unzip program (I used Windows XP default) to unpack the firmware files.
  5. Copy Apple Logo File: After the files are unpacked go into Firmware\all_flash\all_flash.n72ap.production\ directory and copy the applelogo.s5l8720x.img3 to another location.
  6. Modify applelogo Filename: Now take the new copied version and rename it in its new location to LLB.n72ap.RELEASE.img3.
  7. Replace Original LLB File: Now copy the newly named file above back into the Firmware\all_flash\all_flash.n72ap.production\ directory which will overwrite the original.
  8. Zip Files: Now zip back up all of the files you unpacked from step 4.
  9. Modify Filename Ending: Now modify the .zip file you have just created to have a .ipsw file ending.
  10. Restore iPod Touch 2G: Now open iTunes, click on your Touch in the left menu, hold shift, click the Restore button, and navigate to the new file you created with the .ipsw ending.
  11. Be Patient: This take awhile so be patient but when the device attempts to verify the software it will enter DFU mode.

There may be numerous reasons you want a device to enter DFU mode but I have tested this to work numerous times.

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