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Open PNG Image Files From iPhone or iPod Touch On Windows

If you have downloaded PNG image files from your iPhone or iPod Touch onto a Windows computer and tried to open them you know that you will receive an error. You will be required to convert the files so they can be viewed on Windows. Below are a couple examples of the errors you can receive when attempting to open the files without converting them first on a Windows computer.

Error Opening iPhone PNG File With Photoshop on Windows:

Photoshop Error When Opening PNG File On Windows

Photoshop Error Specifics: Could not complete your request because the file-format module cannot parse the file.

Open PNG File Using Windows Picture & Fax Viewer No Preview Available:

Open PNG File With Windows Picture & Fax Viewer But No Preview Available

As you can see above the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer does not provide an error but instead displays “No Preview Available” instead of the image.

To resolve being able to view PNG files from your iPhone or your iPod Touch you need to convert them using a program called fixpng.

Convert PNG Files From iDevice To View/Modify on Windows:

  1. Download fixpng: First download the fixpng application by searching google for fixpng.
  2. Unpack fixpng: Now unzip the fixpng application which will create a new directory called fixpngWindows in the location that you unpack the files.
  3. Copy PNG Files: Now move the .png files you wish to view and/or modify into the fixpngWindows/png folder.
  4. Run iPhoneFixPng.exe: Double click on the iPhoneFixPng.exe file located in the fixpngWindows directory.
  5. Convert PNG Files: Now that the iPhoneFixPng application is running click the convert button as shown below which will convert the files and put them into the “fixed” directory also located in the fixpngWindows directory that was created when you unpacked the application.

    iPhone FixPNG Application To View iPhone PNG Files on Windows

  6. View And Modify PNG Files: Now you can view and modify the PNG files from the iPhone with any application that can normally modify PNG files such as Windows Picture and Fax Viewer or Adobe Photoshop.

When you upload the PNG files back to your iPhone you will not be required to convert them back to the original format. Just save them as .png files and secure copy them back to your iDevice in the proper location.

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