Download Torrent Files Using Opera Web Browser

If you are not very familiar with torrents then it is very easy to download them using Opera web browser. The .torrent files are configuration files that list a group of smaller files that need to be downloaded to create the larger file you are trying to obtain. The great thing about using Opera for torrents is the fact that you don’t have to be very familiar with the configuration of a more complex file you can simply click on the .torrent file and Opera will do the rest after you tell it the directory to download the torrent to.

Please note that when downloading torrents other people can use your bandwidth to also download the torrents from you. When you are done downloading the torrents make sure to close Opera or your bandwidth will continue to be used to download the files you have downloaded.

Download Torrents Using Opera:

Typically you will see a link that allows you to configure a torrent configuration file typically ending in .torrent. With other torrent applications you would load this .torrent configuration file and the downloads would then begin. Using Opera you can simply click on the link for the .torrent file, Opera will ask for the download directory, and then the download will begin. Below is an example of Opera asking for the download directory for a .torrent download to begin.

Opera Torrent Download Directory:

Opera Bit Torrent Download Directory

After you specify the download directory the bits of the file will begin to download and at the end of the downloads will be assembled into the file you are trying to obtain. The process moves pretty quick. Below is an example of a file being downloaded via a torrent configuration file.

Bit Torrent Download Progress With Opera:

Opera Bit Torrent Download Progress

Once the progress bar completes the file will be available in the directory specified. Again make sure to close the Opera browser tabs with the torrent download or others will continue to download using up your bandwidth.

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