Install iPhone RedLaser UPC Bar Code Scanner Via iTunes App Store

Install iPhone RedLaser UPC Bar Code Scanner Via iTunes App Store

Over the past couple months there have been numerous UPC bar code scanners available for install on your iPhone via the iTunes app store all of which seem to not function so well. Recently I noticed a UPC bar code scanner titled Red Laser that blows all of the competition out of the water and functions really well.

The UPC bar code scanner applications for the iPhone all have the same similar features which include launching the application, clicking the scan UPC code button, focusing with the camera on a UPC bar code, waiting for it to register, and then viewing results. The results of the various applications differs however many use Google Products or Amazon to provide pricing of the product you have scanned the UPC bar code on.

pic2shop iPhone Bar Code Scanner:

The first UPC bar code I installed on the iPhone was pic2shop which at first seemed really cool. I was able to get it to work on some products but on most products it couldn’t find the product by scanning the UPC bar code or even by manually typing in the UPC bar code numbers. Below is a couple images showing the UPC scanning process along with a couple failed attempts at manually entering in the UPC bar code from a pack of Newports.

pic2shop Scan Example and Failed Manual UPC Bar Code Entry:

pic2shop iPhone Bar Code Scanner Failed Scan  pic2shop iPhone App Failed UPC Barcode Entry

RedLaser UPC Bar Code Scanner for the iPhone: Purchase RedLaser From AppStore

After playing with pic2shop for awhile I gave up on the UPC bar code scanners on the iPhone until I saw a new application in the top 25 paid applications on the iTunes store by the name of RedLaser. I installed RedLaser and gave it a whirl and I was pleasantly surprised. RedLaser had the same basic functions however the interface was much cleaner than pic2shop and it actually worked. RedLaser has worked over 95% of the time in my testing so far and automatically searches on Amazon and Google Products for whatever  the product may be. As you can see below instead of having to try to line the UPC bar code up with a small line like pic2shop you simply align the UPC code in a box on the iPhone screen. Below are a couple images showing the scan process and a product look up.

RedLaser UPC Barcode Scan Process and Successful Product Search Results:

RedLaser UPC Barcode Scanning for iPhone   RedLaser UPC Barcode Product Search Results on iPhone

As you can see above the interface is much more user friendly and the UPC bar code scanner actually works. This is a great tool to use while shopping and I would suggest to anyone for the current price in the iTunes application store which is $1.99.

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