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Internet Explorer Has a Black Line Over Favorites, Tabs, And Command Toolbar

Recently I launched Internet Explorer after rebooting my laptop computer that runs Windows XP and noticed that the third line of toolbars which includes the favorites, tabs, and command toolbars had a black line all the way across all of them. I was still able to click on any of the items including opening new tabs, selecting favorites, and any items in the command toolbar such as the home button, the tools button, etc.

Internet Explorer With Black Line:

Internet Explorer With Black Line Over Toolbars

Typically issues like this can be resolved by shutting down Internet Explorer and then restarting it however  in this case the black line still existed. I attempted to close Internet Explorer and then verified that I did not see any Internet Explorer processes still running. Next I thought that maybe there was an update that didn’t install proper but this wasn’t the case either. I also checked to make sure that I was running the latest and greatest version of IE thinking that if I upgraded the problem might resolve itself. I was running the latest Internet Explorer version which was version 8.0.6001.18702.

I ended up resolving the issue by rebooting Windows. Once I rebooted Windows and launched Internet Explorer it displayed properly as shown below.

Internet Explorer Normal Operation:

Internet Explorer Normal Operation

I would suggest doing everything possible to resolve the issue before rebooting Windows as this may not actually resolve the issue but instead may just temporarily mask the problem. If you have run out of other options and are in a hurry then go ahead and reboot and hopefully the outcome is similar to above.

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