Configure User To Automatically Log On To Windows XP During Boot

My Windows XP laptop during boot used to automatically log on my primary user. At some point either during a Windows XP security update or after installing an application that changed and I was taken to a Windows XP splash screen and required to click on my user to log in. An example of what the Windows XP log in splash screen looks like is below.

Windows XP Log In Splash Screen:

Windows XP Log In Splash Screen

Follow the directions below to configure Windows XP to automatically log into your primary user account during the Windows boot process.

Automatically Log Into Windows XP During Boot:

  1. Open User Accounts: Once logged into Windows click the Start button and select Run from the pop up menu. Type “control userpasswords2” into the Run field as shown below and then click the OK button.

    User Account Management: control userpasswords2

    Once the OK button is clicked the User Accounts configuration window will open as shown below.

    Windows XP User Accounts Configuration Window

  2. Modify Log In Settings: Now remove the check next to “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer”. This will enable the user you choose to automatically log in to the computer during the Windows boot process. Click the Apply button to not only save the new setting but also finish the configuration because it will pop open the Automatically Log On configuration window as shown below.

    Windows XP: Automatically Log On

  3. Modify User Info:Unless you actually use the Administrator account at all times you will want to enter the log in credentials for your primary user because this is the user that will automatically log in during the Windows boot process. Below is an example of entering the user “alex” and typing in the password twice.

    Windows XP: Auto Log On Different User

    After the proper log on credentials have been entered click the OK button to save your settings.

  4. Reboot Windows: Now reboot Windows to verify the new settings are working properly.

If you want to change the user that is automatically logged on just follow the directions above but first put the check mark back into the field in step one, click Apply, and then move forward with the directions noted above.

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