How to Remove the Blue Border Around a Linked Image on a HTML Page

When embedding a linkedĀ image into an HTML page it will have a blue border by default which can be helpful at times to see that the image isĀ linked to a URL however most of the time it looks ugly. Use the information below to remove this border completely. The border may show purple if you have visited the URL before however if you have not it will show blue.

Example Of Default Border On Linked Image:

Linked Image With Border

Example Code:<a href=””><img src=”ographic-splash.gif”></a>

To remove the border you just need to add a border setting of 0 to the image tag itself as shown below.

No Border Example Code:<a href=””><img src=”ographic-splash.gif” border=”0″></a>

New HTML Page Example:

Linked Image Without Border

It is pretty simple though if you have never done it then this may not be obvious so hopefully this helps.

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