How Long Will Kodak ( Store Digital Images Online

The question has come up numerous times about how long Kodak’s website will store your digital images online. The answer is in the terms and conditions and was changed near the beginning of the year in March. Below is what the policy is as of March of 2009.

Kodak ( Storage Policy:


You can upload an unlimited number of photos to the KODAK Gallery website ( Beginning March 13, 2009, our new Storage Policy states, however, that in order to continue storing photos on the Gallery website, you must make a purchase from the Gallery within 90 days of your first upload, and then every 12 months thereafter.  The amount of the required purchase is based on the amount of storage space your photos occupy on the Gallery website. If the amount of storage you use is equal to 2 gigabytes (GB) or less, you must make purchases totaling at least $4.99 once every 12 months. If your storage amounts to over 2 GB, you must make purchases totaling at least $19.99 once every 12 months. If you do not meet the applicable minimum purchase requirement, your photos may be deleted.  

Please refer to your Storage Status within the My Account page of the Gallery website to see the time frame within which you are required to make your next qualifying purchase to meet our Storage Policy requirements.

If you have further information about how long Kodak will allow you to store your photos online please visit the Kodak Terms and Conditions link located here.

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