How To Remove Cisco Systems VPN Adapter From Network Connections

If you have recently removed the Cisco Systems VPN client from your Windows XP computer you may notice that it does not always uninstall the network adapter connection it created during install. When viewing your Network Connections you will notice there is still a Cisco Systems VPN Adapter connection that looks similar to the typical Ethernet adapter on your computer. You would think that the ability to remove this item should be as simple as right clicking the adapter in question and selecting Delete from the drop down however  this is not the case. Don’t worry removing it is easy but you must do it from the Device Manager instead of the Network Connections interface.

Network Connections Note: You can open Network Connections by right clicking on My Network Places and selecting Properties.

Device Manager Note: You can open the Device Manager by right clicking on My Computer and selecting Properties which will open the System Properties configuration window. In the System Properties configuration window click on the Hardware tab followed by the Device Manage button located at the top of the new tab which will then pop open the Device Manager configuration window.

Make sure to only use the directions below if you have already removed the Cisco Systems VPN Adapter from the Control Panel’s Add/Remove Programs configuration window.

Remove Cisco Systems VPN Adapter Network Connection:

  1. Open Device Manager: Follow the directions above to open the Device Manager on your Windows XP computer as shown below in the image.

    Windows XP Device Manager

  2. Remove Cisco Systems VPN Adapter: Now scroll down in the Device Manager until you come to Network Adapters and click the + to expand the list of Network Adapters in Device Manager. Next right click on the Cisco Systems VPN Adapter as shown in the below image and select Uninstall from the configurtion menu that appears.

    Uninstall Cisco Systems VPN Adapter from Windows XP

  3. Verify Network Connections: Now open Network Connections using the notes above and verify that the Cisco Systems VPN Adapter no longer shows similar to the image below.

    Windows XP Network Connections

You are not required to reboot but I would suggest doing so after the adapter is removed just to make sure that it is completely removed and not taking up any resources. Once you reboot verify one more time that it is not present in Network Connections.

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