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Download Torrent Files Using Opera Web Browser

If you are not very familiar with torrents then it is very easy to download them using Opera web browser. The .torrent files are configuration files that list a group of smaller files that need to be downloaded to create the larger file you are trying to obtain. The great thing about using Opera for torrents is the fact that you don’t have to be very familiar with the configuration of a more complex file you can simply click on the .torrent file and Opera will do the rest after you tell it the directory┬áto download the torrent to.

Technology Insights

WordPress Default Redirect to WWW Not Working, Example from to

I recently noticed that the redirect from to was no longer working. Recently I updated WordPress and many of the plugins I have installed. The issue with this was some of the pages served from versus were serving different cached pages. After some investigating I thought the issue was related to caching however when caching appeared to b e turned off the issue still existed.

Technology Errors

DivX Player .MKV Files: Audio Format Not Supported, Use KMPlayer Play .MKV Files Without Issues

I downloaded a video file the other day that had a .MKV file ending and was having a lot of trouble playing this file in the typical video players I had installed. Typically when all else fails I can use DivX Player and install an additional audio or video codec to play pretty much any video file with sound. This file was causing me a little bit more of a problem so I had to do some reading so below I explain some information I found, some things I tried, and the overall final step I took to play this .mkv video file.

Technology Errors

PostgreSQL Table Issue: Mduplicate key value violates unique constraint

It is possible for data within a PostgreSQL database table to get out of sync. When this happens it is possible for an attempt to be made to write data to a row in a table that already exists. This is being kept track of internally within Postgres by an ID of some sort and you can reset what the next ID that will be written to a row will be. Typically this will resolve your issue.

I received the below error in a Ruby on Rails application that was attempting to write data to PostgreSQL and at some point the data got out of wack.

Technology Insights

Restore iPhone after power loss during “Erase All Contents and Settings”

I decided to erase the contents of my iPhone by going to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Contents and Settings. Unfortunately, my power cable was loose and it lost power in the middle of the erasing. After that, I tried hard resetting (holding down Home button and pressing the power key for 10 seconds), but it would only display the Apple logo, followed by a black screen. This happened repeatedly when I tried powering it on multiple times and hard resetting multiple times.

So, I called iPhone tech support and they suggested that I hold down the power button and plug it in to the USB so that iTunes could restore the iPhone. That forced me to upgrade to 3.1 software, but did indeed restore my iPhone. The iPhone was back to its factory default state and upgraded to 3.1