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How to Purchase DirecTV Pay Per View Video On Demand Movies Without a Phone Line

When my DirecTV receivers were initially installed they didn’t have a phone line attached to them however they also did not have Ethernet attached to them. The default a installation technician will use is to have them in the DirecTV system as having a phone line attached. The phone line being attached allows for you to purchase PPV (Pay Per View) movies, VoD (Video on Demand) movies, and used to allow for upgrading of the receiver software. Since I never had a phone line attached to the receiver I would always order my PPV movies online. It also appears that all software updates now happen over the satellite signal to keep your receiver up to date. I always wished I was able to purchase Pay Per View movies directly from my remote to save the hassle of signing into directv.com and having to purchase the movie that way.

I finally got around to running CAT6 Ethernet cables to my two DirecTV HD receivers as I had heard that by doing so I would automatically be able to use the Video on Demand. Sure enough when I plugged  in the Ethernet to connect the HD receivers into the network at my house Video-On-Demand started working. I was now able to visit DirecTV channel 1000 and browse a large list of TV shows and movies that I could download directly to my receiver. I noticed that the ability was there to also download PPV movies or other PPV events but I could not figure out how to purchase them once they were downloaded. After some research I figured out that I needed to enable IPPV or Impulse Pay Per View. This feature is typically attached to the RJ11 (phone line) port on the DirecTV receiver however I found out that it can also be attached to the Ethernet port which would then allow you to purchase PPV directly from your remote or download PPV items and purchase them that way as well.

Enable DirecTV Impulse Pay Per View over Ethernet:

It appears that many DirecTV Customer Service Reps do not know that this feature is available as I soon found out when attempting to get this feature enabled. My first call to DirecTV support ended in failure and I was starting to wonder if it was possible to enable IPPV to work over the Ethernet port. On my second attempt the DirecTV CSR again was not aware of this feature working over Ethernet however he was willing to give it a try. After a short discussion I informed him that I had read numerous places on directv.com that IPPV works over Ethernet and would really appreciate it if he would give it a try and he agreed. He let me know that he was going to send a signal to the receiver and if it was going to work it would be in the next 24 hours. At first I was thinking he must be pulling my chain however I rebooted my receiver when the call was over and IPPV started working immediately. I was now able to purchase PPV movies using my remote and I also had the ability to download PPV items and pay for them when attempting to watch the item.

One negative effect of this was before when I would purchase an item I could watch it as many times as I wanted because the receiver was not checking in to DirecTV to let them know the item had been viewed. Now when I purchase an item it follows the 24 hour rule so after I start watching the PPV item I can no longer view it after 24 hours without purchasing again.

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