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Turn Off Skype Pop Up Advertisement Messages As Well As Skype Tip And Help Messages

By default the Skype application enables two annoying configuration items that can be in the way when using Skype. The first item is labeled Skype Promotions and will pop up an window over the top of your Skype friends list that offers deals typically on Skype services. The second item is labeled Help and Skype tips which is less annoying than the Promotions pop over however it still can get in the way and visiting the Skype support site will provide the same results. Both of these items are configured in the Skype client under Alerts & messages. An example of a Skype Promotion is displayed below and as you can see it will hover right over your Skype friends list.

Skype Promotions: Pop Up Skype Advertisements 

The pop up “Skype Promotions” or “Advertisements” can easily be X’d out however it is more convenient for the messages to not display. Follow the directions below to disable these types of pop over notifications.

Disable Skype Promotions, Help, & Tip Notifications:

  1. Open Skype:First launch the Skype application if it is not already launched or double click it in the task bar to display your Skype friends list on the screen.
  2. Skype Options:Open the Skype Options window by clicking Tools in the top navigation of the Skype client and then selecting Options from the drop down menu.
  3. Skype Alerts & Messages: Now expand Notifications in the left hand menu and highlight Alerts & Messages as shown below.

    Skype >> Options >> Notifications >> Alerts & Messages

  4. Modify Promotions & Skype Help:Now uncheck the “Help and tips” check box as well as the “Promotions” check box as shown in the below image.

    Skype: Turn off Advertisements Pop Overs

    Once modified click the Save button located at the bottom of the Alerts & Messages configuration window.

  5. Restart Skype:For the changes to take effect go ahead and restart the Skype client application.

You should no longer receive the Skype Promotions pop overs and the interface will be a bit more cleaned up without the Skype Help and the tips located within the already crowded interface. If you do need help simply click on the Help menu item in the top navigation and select “Get Help: Answers & Support” from the drop down. This will open a web browser to the Skype support site with all the information you ever needed to know about Skype.

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