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How to Create Photo Albums On Your iPhone On A Windows XP Computer

Creating Photo Albums on your iPhone is not really straight forward so below I will describe numerous ways to organize images on your iPhone. You can use third party applications to organize folders and images or you can use the built in Photo Album functionality. Below I describe how to use either method including tips on what to watch out for and allow you to make an educated decision on the best way to manage your images.

Create Photo Albums on iPhone:

Creating Photo Albums on your iPhone via your Windows computer must be done via iTunes and the synchronization of your iPhone to iTunes on your computer. Currently with the iPhone 3.0.1 firmware there is not a way to simply add a new folder on the iPhone. You need to instead enable syncing Photos via iTunes. I would suggest creating a folder on your local Windows computer specifically managing Photo Albums on your iPhone.

So on your local computer create a folder called “IPHONE” and underneath of that folder is where you should place folders named with the names of the Photo Albums you want on your iPhone. Now add images into those folders that you would like on the iPhone. Once you have placed all of the images in the proper folders within the IPHONE folder you created now it is time to enable syncing between iTunes and your iPhone. With the iPhone connected to your computer via USB open iTunes and click on the iPhone in the left column navigation menu which will open the Photos synchronization configuration window as shown below.

Manage iPhone Photo Albums with iTunes on Windows Computer

Once opened put a check in the box next to “Sync Photos From” and then select the folder you created on your Windows computer. If you followed the example the folder name will be IPHONE as shown above in the image. Only folders that actually have images in them will be synchronized to the iPhone. Once you have made all of the configuration changes click the Sync ¬†button in the bottom right corner to save and begin the synchronization process.

Please note that with this solution if you take photos with your iPhone and want to organize them in different Photo Albums that you will need to do so by downloading them to your computer first and then organizing them in the various folders(Photo Albums) underneath the IPHONE folder you initially created above.

Manage Photos With iPhone Third Party Application Called Photo Album Pro:

Another way to manage the images and folders on your iPhone is with a third party iPhone application called Photo Album Pro which costs $5.99 from the iTunes store. The image below shows the interface that allows you to add, modify, and delete folders.

Photo Album Pro Folder Management

This application provides a bunch of functionality beyond being able to manage images in various folders such as the ability to upload and download images over the wireless connection. The image below shows some of the Photo Album Pro options that can be modified.

iPhone Third Party Application Photo Album Pro Options

Photo Album Pro also offers the ability to modify numerous effects such as Saturation, Luminosity, Temperature, and Color Balance as shown below.

iPhone Photo Album Pro Effects

The folders that you can create, modify, and delete from within Photo Album Pro are not the same as your iPhone’s Photo Albums so it actually complicates things a bit when trying to manage images though overall the functionality added is well worth the $5.99. There is also a really useful User Guide that you can get to from within the application if you ever have any questions about how some of the Photo Album Pro functionality works as shown below.

Photo Album Pro User Guide on iPhone

Currently the Photo Albums and/or folder management for images on the iPhone is really lacking and in my opinion Apple should be providing a much better interface to do this with the default software. There are so many things about the iPhone that make it stand so tall above other devices in its class however with some minor improvements such as being able to simply add a new Photo Album without having to synchronize or being able to move images between folders from the iPhone then I think people would be that much more satisfied. I also really hope that they come out with a real zoom feature and/or a flash.

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