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iPhone on Windows XP SP3, The Computer Cannot Detect the Scanner or Camera

Recently I was working to organize a bunch of images on my iPhone including figuring out the best way to add and manage Photo Albums. Needless to say I was connecting and disconnecting the iPhone from a Windows XP laptop over and over again. At some point in the process Windows started popping up an error when I was attempting to view the images via the Scanner and Camera wizard. At first the issue was just the fact that it was taking forever to load all of the images but eventually the below error stopped me from viewing any images.


The computer cannot detect the scanner or camera. Please make sure the device is turned on and is properly connected to the computer.

Windows XP Computer Cannot Detect the iPhone Camera

The odd part was that this was working without issue for a long time and while the error was occurring when attempting to retrieve the images with the Scanner and Camera interface on Windows XP I was still able to use iTunes with the iPhone. This let me know that the iPhone was connected properly and there was not any issues with the iPhone USB cable.

Resolve iPhone Camera Photo Retrieval Error:

While I was unable to find the root cause of the error I was able to resolve the problem by rebooting the Windows XP computer. I imagine that the problem started because I was reconnecting the iPhone so many times back to back and under normal circumstances it would be extremely rare for this error to occur.

If rebooting the computer does not resolve your issue then I would suggest first changing the USB port that the iPhone is plugged into and if that doesn’t resolve the error I would next try to replace the USB cable itself.

If all of the above fail to resolve your issue then please post a comment so one of us can look into the error further and provide resolution for you.

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