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How to View .docx Files With Older Versions of Word, Word 2007 Compatibility

Even though older versions of Microsoft Word do not allow you by default to view .docx files created from Word 2007 you can install a compatibility pack that will allow you to do so. It is also possible for Word 2007 users to save files as .doc files instead of .docx files. Below we explain how to accomplish each goal.

View .docx Files With Pre 2007 Word Versions:

  1. Download Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack: Visit this link to download the Microsoft Office 2007 Compatibility Pack from microsoft.com.
  2. Install MS Office Compatibility Pack:Install the file downloaded from previous steps called FileFormatConverters.exe. The Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack can be installed by double clicking the .exe.
  3. Verify .docx Files Will Open:After installing the MS Office Compatibility Pack attempt to open the .docx file you were having trouble with.

Save .doc Files in Word 2007:

  1. Create Document: Create a Word document the same way you normally would with Word 2007.
  2. Save As Word 97-2003:Now click the MS Office button located at the top right corner of the Word 2007 document and select “Save As” from the drop down. On the fly out menu select Word 97-2003 which will save the file as .doc instead of .docx which will allow users with older versions of Word to view your file.

There typically will always be a way to convert between Microsoft Office versions and as things evolve you may be required to install more add-ons to make your older version of Word up to date. The upgrade packages usually are not to expensive and can be purchased below from Amazon.

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