Set Up a SPA-2000 With Gizmo5 and Google Voice for Free VoIP Service

Recently Gizmo5 added the ability to configure your Google Voice account within the Gizmo5 interface which allows for you to configure any SIP device (soft or hardware) to have free voice. I happened to have a SPA-2000 around so the below describes how to configure a Sipura SPA-2000 using Gizmo5 and a Google Voice account for free voice. For this howto you will need a SPA-2000, a account, and a Google Voice account.

Free VoIP w/SPA-2000:

  1. Factory Reset SPA-2000: Factory reset your SPA-2000 using the instructions here.
  2. Obtain Gizmo5 Number: Now signup or login to your account and obtain your ten digit number along with the 1 such as “17471231234”.
  3. Open SPA-2000 Configuration: Open the Sipura SPA-2000 configuration using a web browser and click on the “admin login” link to begin configuration.
  4. Setup Line One: Now click the tab at the top for “Line 1”. You only need to configure 3 items which are Proxy, User ID, and Password. Use “” for the Proxy. Then enter in your ten digit telephone number from as your username and the password associated with the account.
  5. Verify Dial Tone: After saving the above settings you should now have dial tone on a phone attached to “Line 1” of the Sipura SPA-2000.
  6. Configure Google Voice: Login to your Google Voice account. Click the Settings link in the upper right hand corner and then click the Phones tab. Now click on the “Add a Phone” link at the bottom of any numbers you already have configured and enter in the ten digit number you have from You will be required to verify the new number so follow that process and enter in the two digit authentication provided by Google once your phone attached to the SPA-2000 rings.
  7. Make Free VoIP Calls: Once your Gizmo5 number has been verified in Google Voice you can now make all the free inbound and outbound calls you want from the phone attached to your SPA-2000.

The above will work with any SIP softphone or SIP hardware and will allow you to make free calls without any strings attached.

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