How to Factory Reset a Sipura SPA-2000 to Default Settings

Resetting a Sipura SPA-2000 to the factory default settings is easy. Resetting your Sipura device like this can make configuring things much easier as if you have ever been configured for a previous VoIP SIP provider you may miss a setting to get things working with your current provider. Follow the simple directions below to factory reset your Sipura SPA-2000 device.

Factory Reset SPA-2000:

  1. Plug In SPA-2000: First make sure your Sipura SPA-2000 device is plugged in a fully booted.
  2. Attach Phone: Attach a phone to the Sipura SPA-2000 using an RJ11 cable.
  3. Off Hook Phone: Now off hook the phone you have attached to the device. It does not matter if you have a dial tone or not.
  4. Code Configuration Menu: Type the * button four times to get to the configuration menu such as “****”.
  5. Enter Factory Reset Code: Enter the factory reset code of “73738” which the voice will ask you to confirm by pressing “12”. You must press “12” for the reset to complete. After pressing “12” you will see the lights on the SPA-2000 blink while the device resets.

Once the device reboots you can get to the configuration menu in a web browser by visiting the IP address of the Sipura SPA-2000. I would also suggest upgrading the firmware on the router to the latest build you can find. One location for newer SPA-2000 code is here. Once that code is downloaded you will need to unpack the zip file and then run the .exe to upgrade the SPA-2000.

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