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T-Mobile G1 Running Android Locked Up During Charging

I previously had written an article about the G1 locking up but at a logo screen for T-Mobile/Android. This time it appears that my wife’s cell phone had an issue during boot of some sort. Check out the image below.

T-Mobile G1 Running Android Lockup

Screen Error:
DREA 100 PVT  32B
Sep 2 2008

The phone would not respond to pressing the power button, holding down the power button, or any other key combination I could find. I was able to resolve the issue by removing the battery as shown in a previous article here. After removing the battery of the T-Mobile G1 I was having trouble getting it to power on though. Turns out that even though it was plugged in all night the lockup shown above prevented it from charging and the battery was dead. After I plugged it in and attempted to power it on again it power on without issue.

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