You may get the below error when attempting to activate your Pandora Internet Radio account on your iPhone but don’t panic you can easily obtain a different activation code by following the directions below.

Error: That Activation code is expired. Please try again with another code.

Pandora Internet Radio: Activation Expired

The expired activation code means one of two things including you have already registered and you just need to sign in or possible Pandora Internet Radio has been on your phone for awhile and you haven’t ever launched it.

To Obtain a New Pandora Activation Code Follow the Below Instructions:

  1. Delete Pandora: Delete Pandora Internet Radio from your iPhone. Just hold press down on the Pandora icon located on your iPhone desktop until it begins to shake with a red X icon in the top left corner as shown in the below desktop screen capture.

    iPhone: Application Control

    Click on that X which will pop open a confirm delete message as shown below. Click on the Delete button.

    iPhone: Delete Pandora Internet Radio

    After confirming that you want to you will be asked to Rate the product as shown below in the iPhone screenshot but since you haven’t used it yet just click on the “No Thanks” button.

    iPhone: Please Rate Application Message

  2. Reinstall Pandora Internet Radio: Now open the App Store and search for Pandora as shown below.

    iPhone App Store Search for Pandora Internet Radio

    Now click on the application in the search results and then click on the green install button as shown in the below screen capture.

    iPhone Install Pandora from the App Store

    Wait for the application to download and then install. During this process your iPhone home screen will switch to the screen where the application is being installed.

  3. Activate Pandora: Now open Pandora on your iPhone and go back through the activation process. You will notice that your activation code has changed to a new one that should work without issue.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Wow just wanted to say thanks. Your steps are explicit and simple, not to mention they come with helpful screen shots. This kind of ease is, unfortunately a rarity these days, so I like to make note of it when it is done well. I’ll definitely be back with any future tech questions.

    Thanks again,



    alex Reply:

    Hello Kevin,

    Thank you for all of the kind words. We absolutely appreciate it a great deal when people such as yourself take the time to leave meaningful feedback. It also is always good to know when our articles assist people in resolving technical issues. Thanks again for taking the time to leave feedback.



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    Hello watchara,

    Not sure what you mean by trial but thanks for taking the time to leave feedback.



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    Hello jamie,

    Umm… ok.



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