How to Take Screenshots on the iPhone and Email The Image

Taking screenshots on the iPhone is simple but can be a very useful tool. I use this tool all of the time to describe how things work or describe cool iPhone features to people. The screen captures on the iPhone are saved as 320×480 pixel JPG’s which aren’t super high resolution but it will open in perfect clarity the same size as your iPhone screen.

To Take a Screen Capture on the iPhone and Email the Image Follow These Steps:

  1. Open Screen to Capture: Open the screen you would like to capture. It can be in any application doing anything.
  2. Take Screenshot: Now take the screen capture by quickly clicking the Home Button and Power Button at the same time as shown below. You will hear a sound similar to the camera which is indicating that the image has been taken.

    iPhone Screenshot Button Combination

  3. View and Email Screen Capture: Now open the Camera and view the Camera Roll. The screenshot will be the latest image taken. You can click the icon in the bottom left corner to email the image to yourself or anyone else.

There you have it! Screen capture away. I don’t know what I would do without this tool is all I can say…

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