I recently needed to look up number support tickets I have opened with Dell in the past couple of years. I had a laptop hard drive go bad and I was trying to remember if it was the second hard drive that had crashed in this laptop in a matter of 3 years. Luckily it was not but my issue was logging into Dell.com and locating the Support History & Status page.

Once I ended up finding the page of course it seemed obvious but in case any one else is looking I wanted to post a direct link to use once you are logged in to bring up the Dell Support History & Status web page. On this page you can look up past support issues by Service Tag, Express Service Code, Service Call Number, or Customer Number. Below is a image of what the Support History page looks like, a direct link to the page, and the links to click to get to this page from your “My Account” web page.

Dell Support History and Status

Dell Support History & Status Direct Link: https://support.dell.com/support/supporthistory/search.asp
**NOTE** You must be logged in to your Dell.com account to view the above URL.
Path Via Clicks: Login to Dell.com, Click My Account, Click on Support for My System, and then click Support History & Status.

Dell’s Support History and Status page is fairly slow so be patient. Once you have located the page enter in the Service Tag you need a history for and click enter. Don’t worry about setting the dates as they are only valid for Customer Numbers. Once you have initiated a search by Service Tag results will display similar to the below as long as you have had previous support issues.

Dell Service Tag Support History

To obtain the details about a certain support incident simply click on the Service Call Number to display the details including parts that were replaced, etc. The details of a specific Service Call will look similar to the below.

Dell Service Call Details

You can use the back button in your browser to return to the Service Call Number list for the specific Service Tag if you need to view another support issue. Thats the basics of Dell Support History & Status pages.

One thing to note is the quality of your service will depend on the degree of your support contract. I have noticed when contacting support about a personal account I receive mediocre support however when I contact Dell through my company that has Gold Level Support then my issues are always resolved immediately and parts sent overnight air without charge. I wish the quality of support was parallel through out support departments but I do understand its hard to assemble quality people at all levels.

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  1. Геннадий says:

    +1 к предыдущему комментарию :)


  2. Иннокентий says:

    Свобода слова на блоге – это всегда хорошо! Самое главное, чтобы общественности было что автору сказать :)


  3. ildefonso oquendo says:

    Hello, I have dell computer (dell optiple gx 280 serial ,with 512 mb of memory
    i like to know the capasity of memory to install in the computer, 2.66 gh prossesor
    memory type:
    512 mb 2rx8 – pc3200u-333-12-b0
    512 mb ,ddr2 ,400 ,cl3
    channel mode – single
    memory speed – 400 mhz
    memory technology – ddr2 sdram
    type of memory – unbuffered
    organization – x8
    total of memory pin – 240
    windows xp profesional sp2
    hdd – sata 40 gb (cd rom standar sata drive) & floppy drive
    on back of the cases _ (label= fm27n81) – second label- hoditrading.com(mmm) 697525
    please: can i use other memory like – pc2 4200, pc2 5400 ,pc2 6400
    i like my computer is nice computer.
    thank you: email = pellejasadjuntas@univision.com


    alex Reply:

    Hello ildefonso,

    I believe it will handle 4GB total of RAM. You can use 400MHz and 533MHz memory or PC3200 and PC4200. Hope that helps.



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