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Google Calendar Sharing: Share This Calendar With Everyone In The Domain Example

Google calendar is a great way to share calendars company wide or with multiple people outside of the company you work for. I have started using Google calendar for everything and Sync between my Outlook, Blackberry, iPod Touch, and Google Calendar to make sure I always know what I am supposed to be doing. One feature Google calendar provides is the ability to make calendars public or if you host your domain on Google Apps to share the calendar with the entire domain.

For the User Providing the Secondary Calendar to Domain Users:

The calendar URL that should be provided to domain users to add is called “Calendar ID”. It can be found under “Calendar Settings” near the bottom of the page. The section in which it is found is called “Calendar Address”. The Calendar ID will be structured something like the following: example.com_mj54m2zyo0fe1bq4ak1kttrfa7@group.calendar.google.com.  You can send this ID to users and they can add it under “Other Calendars”.

For the Domain User Adding the Calendar:

To show a secondary calendar that has been shared to the entire domain that is hosted on Google Apps follow the directions below.

  1. Login to Google Calendar: Login to your Domain Google calendar. http://calendar.example.com
  2.  Add Calendar: In the “Other Calendars” box located in the bottom of the left column add the URL from the secondary shared calendar over the “Add a friend’s calendar” text.

Once you make the transition to Google Calendar you will not be disappointed. It can really help make life easier by providing all of the normal calendar functions you need but available at any time from any location.