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Network Port Scanning With iPhone, Network Discovery with iPod Touch, Network Troubleshooting with iDevices

I purchased an amazing application from the iTunes store tonight for my iPod Touch called iNet created by Banana Glue. In a nutshell the application makes it very easy to discover all of the devices on the network that the iPhone or iPod Touch is currently connected to. It is by far the best forming application in this class that I have seen.

There are many things that make this application stand out above the rest. The iNet home screen provides links to the each task including Scan Network, Ping, Bonjour Browser, Wak on LAN, Device Info, and Settings. Below I will provide a brief explanation of each of these tasks.

iNet: Find out whats going on in your network!

iNet Network Scan:
The network scan portion of the iNet application is my favorite part of the application. When you click Scan Network the scan begins immediately and once complete the application automatically begins to Analyze the data. Once completed a list of devices on your network will show as seen below in the image.

iPhone Network Analyzer: iNet Network Details

Now that basic information such as Hostname, IP Address, and Vendor is displayed on the screen you can click on the device to get detailed information as shown in the below image.

iPhone Network Discovery: iNet Device Details

The device details screen will shows IP, MAC, Vendor, Hidden or Not, Bonjour Services, and the option to perform a “Scan for Open Ports”. I believe the scan only happens on the first 1024 ports since typically these will be the range in which most services would be running. One thing the application is lacking is the ability to provide a custom port range to scan.

iNet Ping:
While there are a ton of ping applications available for the iPhone and iPod Touch it is nice to have that feature bundled into this network analyzer suite of tools plus the interface is better than most and it keeps a nice history of devices you have sent ICMP requests to in the past.

iNet Bonjour Browser:
Once you have performed a Network Scan and go into the details of each device you can see a list of all of the Bonjour services running on your network. You can drill down into each service to see which computers are running that particular service and then you can see the specifics for each that service on that computer including Service Name, Service Type, DNS-SD Name, Host, Host Addresses, Port, and TXT Data.

iNet Wake on LAN:
You can add local subnet devices or devices on the Internet to wake. The interface again is easy to use and provides the ability to store computers that you will use with this service.

iNet Device Info:
Device Info provides details about your iPhone or iPod Touch that the iNet software is running on. The information includes Name, System Version, Device Interfaces (lo0, en0, etc.), Network, and Miscellaneous. On the Device Info screen you have the ability to email the External IP Address and Unique Identifier to any email address.

iNet Settings:
The settings are simple and include only the option to include self in scan, show hidden devices, or contact support.

Feature Wishlist:
I sent an email to the feature request email address requesting the ability to enter custom port ranges for device scans, the ability to scan outside of the local subnet, the ability to ping sweep a subnet, and the ability to search the entire network for a specific port.

I have written numerous articles on the network tools available for iPhones and iPod Touches however this currently is tops on my list along with iStat.

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