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Install istat On a CentOS Linux to Monitor Server from iPhone or Touch

The istat application is a monitoring application use to obtain basic Linux server information from your iPhone or iPod Touch. The application has the ability to monitor CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Disk Usage, CPU Load, and ServerĀ  Uptime. Its a great looking interface, as shown below, to obtain this information easily from your servers.

istat: Linux Server Monitor From iPhone

To install istat on CentOS Linux follow the directions below.

  1. Download istat: Download istat for Linux here.
  2. Configure istat: Unpack the istat package you downloaded from Google Code and change the directory into the newly created istat directory. Once in this directory type the below command to configure istat for your server.

    1. ./configure
  3. Install istat: Now issue the make and make install commands to compile and install istat on your server.

    1. make
    2. make install
  4. Create istat User: Now issue the below command to create a istat user to run istat.

    1. useradd istat
  5. Create istat Directory: Use the below syntax to create a directory to store the istat.pid file which needs to be readable/writeable by the istat user you just created.

    1. mkdir /var/run/istat
    2. chown istat.istat /var/run/istat
  6. Configure istat: Now make necessary configuration changes to the /usr/local/etc/istat.conf configuration file. The typical changes include modifying the server_code which is the access code used by your iDevice to obtain the server information, monitor_net which is the interface istat will listen for incoming connections, and monitor_disk which needs to be changed to the proper mounts such as /dev/hdb1, /dev/hdc1, etc.
  7. Launch istat: Now launch the istat daemon by issuing the below command.

    1. /usr/local/bin/istatd &

    The server will automatically launch with the istat user and listen on port 5109.

  8. Connect From iPhone: Now configure the new server within istat on your iPod Touch or iPhone. Once you do so click on the server, type in the password you set in step 6, and verify you are collecting all of the server statistics properly.

The istat application is a nifty little application to provide you a quick view of servers on your network or servers that you monitor outside of your network. More information about the iPhone version of istat can be located here.

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