How To Install Mount.cifs On CentOS Linux Using Yum

When mounting remote NTFS network shares to a Linux server smbmount used to be used. This command is not used any longer and has been replaced by mount.cifs. If you had previously been using smbmount you should switch to using mount.cifs instead. If you attempt to use smbmount with a newer kernel version you will get the below warning.

WARNING:smbmount is deprecated and not maintained any longer. mount.cifs (mount -t cifs) should be used instead of smbmount.

So if you need to install mount.cifs use the below syntax to install it.


  1. yum install samba samba-devel

If samba is already installed on your Linux server then the above command will upgrade it as well. The samba yum package is what includes mount.cifs.

More information on samba can be obtained using the resources below.

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