I was recently on a trip and trying to update Twitterrific on my iPod Touch device. When I would attempt to update the tweets for numerous users I kept getting an error that said it was unable to connect to Twitter because of a YAJL error. The exact error is displayed below.

Error: The connection to Twitter failed with ‘Operation could not be completed (YAJL error 3.)’

I happened to have both Twitterrific Premium and the free version of Twitterrific installed on the Touch but both were returning the same error for multiple accounts so I figured it must be application specific. Resolving the problem is easy and can be completed just by updating the applications from the iTunes Store. I imagine that Twitter changed something about the way that the Twitterrific application was connecting thus causing the connection error. The update should be automatic from your iPhone or iPod Touch and can be completed by clicking on the “App Store” icon. After clicking on the App Store tap the Updates button located in the bottom right corner of the App Store from your iDevice. You will see updates available for your Twitterrific application so just click the “Update All” button located in the top right corner of the App Store from your iPhone or Touch, enter your password, click OK, and wait for the upgrade to complete. Once the update is done launch Twitterrific and update the tweets for each account.

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