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Use Microsoft Excel to Populate Cells on a Second Worksheet in the Same Workbook

If you have an Microsoft Excel workbook with multiple worksheets that contain similar type data it may save you a lot of time to auto populate the other worksheets with the similar data. In my scenario I had a form used to obtain information about customers which needed to be in a certain format but then I had two other forms that had some of the same data that needed to be provided to other departments. So the initial process was to fill out each individual form by hand and send to the proper department. To save time I wanted to auto populate as many like fields as possible.

The resolution ended up being really simple. First I just added the other forms to the workbook of the primary form. This ensured that when I opened up the form to enter customer data that the other two forms were open with t. Once I had added the worksheets and named each one properly I started messing around with formulas to complete the task of copying one cell from the primary worksheet to cells on the second and third worksheets in this workbook.

In this example the worksheets will be named sheet1, sheet2, and sheet3 to make things as simple as possible. I knew that I would need to refernce the primary worksheet in a formula. Below is an example of how you would populate sheet2 cell A1 from sheet1 cell A1.

Formula to Auto Populate Cell On Another Worksheet with Worksheet from Same Workbook 

So as you can see this is really easy. The cells don’t have to match in any way so you could obviously place the above formula in say cell D14 on sheet2 and it would display sheet1’s A1 data. You could also combine data from multiple cells sheet1 into one cell on sheet2 or sheet3 as shown below.

Combine Cells on Another WorkSheet in the Same Workbook
Formula: =’sheet1′!B5 & ‘sheet1’!B6

The above could be placed inside any cell on sheet1 or sheet2. One more thing to consider when combining cells into one cell is if you want a space between them or something else to seperate the content from the two original cells.

Combine Cells With a Space Between The Content on Another Worksheet in the Same Workbook
=’sheet1′!B5 & ” ” & ‘sheet1’!B6

All of the above was figured out because of a project using MS Excel however I typically use GoogleDocs Spreadsheet when possible now. The exact formulas above will work the same with GooogleDocs. I would definitely recommend using Google’s Spreadsheet application over Excel because not only is it stored online for free but it also uses a lot less CPU power.

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