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Internet Explorer Not To Loading Any Pages, IE Not Responding

I turned my laptop on this evening and my Internet Explorer was not able to load any web pages. It would launch and then show nothing but a blank page. After 30 to 60 seconds it would show as not responding in Windows Task Manager. The below image is what it looked like when attempting to launch Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer Not Loading Web Pages: IE Not Responding

Initially I was thinking I must have been infected with some sort of spyware so I decided to run Adaware to see if that would locate the issue with Internet Explorer. I didn’t have Adaware installed so I had to download it and click the installer from Lavasoft. During the install you will need to restart at which time it will run its update manager as shown below.

Adaware Update Manager

Once updated my computer rebooted and Adaware was started upon reboot. I started a “Smart Scan” and waited for it to finish. After completion of the “Smart Scan” it had not located any issues so I moved on to the next troubleshooting method which was to attempt to load a blank Page in Internet Explorer to see if IE itself was the issue. I issued the below command in the Start >> Run box to load a blank page as shown below in the image.

Start Internet Explorer With a Blank Page

Load a Blank Page in Internet Explorer: explorer about:blank

The blank page still did not load. Next I attempted to load Internet Explorer without any add-ons. This can be done by clicking the Start button, scrolling to Accessories, scrolling to System Tools, and selecting “Internet Explorer (no add-ons)”. This loaded fine in Internet Explorer meaning the issue must be related to an Internet Explorer add-on. Now you will need to open the Manage Add-Ons window to start disabling add-onsuntil IE is able to load. Follow the directions below.

  1. Control Panel: Click on Start and select Control Panel from the menu.
  2. Internet Options:Double click on the Internet Optionsicon to launch IE Options.
  3. Manage add-ons:Click on the Programs tab and near the bottom of this new window will be a Manage add-ons button that you need to click. Once clicked the Manage Add-Ons configuration window will open as shown below.

    Internet Explorer: Manage Add-Ons 

  4. Disable Add-Ons:If you have a ton of add-ons enabled like I do the easiest way to go through them all will be to disable add-ons in groups. I would suggest noting all of the add-ons that are currently enabled so you can set things back to how they are currently configured. Highlight an add-on in the list and select the Disable radio button located in the bottom of the Manage Add-Ons window. Click the OK button in the Manage Add-Onswindow to save the modifications.
  5. Launch Internet Explorer:After the first group is disabled attempt to launch Internet Explorer. If you already had a blank page attempting to load make sure to kill it using Task Manager if necessary. So if IE continues to not load open the Manage Add-Ons window again and disable the second group. eventually you will locate the group of add-ons causing the problem at which time I would enable all of the add-ons you have disabled except for the group in question.
  6. Locate Internet Explorer Add-On:Now start enabling one add-on at a time until you find the problem add-on. You will have to click the OK button at the bottom of Manage Add-Ons each time you enable an add-on during the process of narrowing it down.
  7. Reinstall IE Add-On: In most cases locating the add-on will easily lead you to the problem application at which time simply reinstalling the application usually resolves the issue.

In my case the add-on causing the issue to my surprise was the Google Toolbar. Once I was sure this was the issue I opened up control panel and clicked on “Add or Remove Programs”. I located “Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer” in the applications list and clicked the remove button as shown below.

Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer: Remove Application from Windows XP

Once Google Toolbar was uninstalled I downloaded it again from Google and reinstalled it. This resolved the issue with IE not loading.

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