How to Reinstall Google Toolbar for Internet Expplorer on Windows XP

Recently I had an issue with Internet Explorer loading and the issue was with Google Toolbar. I assume something must have been corrupted when my laptop crashed. Anyhow reinstalling Google Toolbar is easy though there is not technically a reinstall process. You will need to uninstall Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer, download it again, and then Install Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer. Follow the directions below to reinstall Google Toolbar.

  1. Windows Control Panel: Click on the Start button in the lower left hand corner of your Windows XP screen and select Control Panel from the menu.
  2. Add or Remove Programs: Now from the Control Panel window double click on “Add or Remove Programs” to launch the program management window.
  3. Remove Google Toolbar: Scroll down the application list until you get to “Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer” and click the Remove button to remove the Google Toolbar as shown below.

    Remove Google Toolbar

  4. Download Google Toolbar: Now visit this page and download Google Toolbar.
  5. Install Google Toolbar:Now double click the executable file you download which is currently called GoogleToolbarInstaller_en_signed.exe.

Thats how to reinstall Google Toolbar. If you haven’t already seen the Google G1, running Android, cell phone check out the links below. It is easily the closest rival to the iPhone by Apple. Long term Android is going to be amazing because it is open source and allows anyone to participate in development.

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