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Install Tabbed Windows Explorer Toolbar For Browsing Multiple Folders From One Window

Install Tabbed Windows Explorer Toolbar For Browsing Multiple Folders From One Window

Almost everyone has become used to tabs for their Internet browser. Applications that incorporate tabs make life a lot easier and cleaner for that matter. I have become used to tabs for my SSH client, tabs for Internet Explorer, tabs for Console, tabs for Trillian, etc. One thing I have always wanted but never took the time to look into though was tabs for Windows Explorer. I am constantly in various folders comparing files or moving files between folders and typically have 3 to 4 Windows Explorer windows open at all times. Well I finally decided to take the time to look for a solution and was pleasantly suprised to find QT TabBar from QuizoApps.

QT TabBar Details:

QT TabBar allows you to enable a toolbar in Windows Explorer for tabbed browsing. It also will allow you to enable another toolbar of buttons which is really a collection of useful tools such as New Window, Clone This, Copy File Path,  Close, Close Window, Copy File Hash, and multiple others. Even better is QT TabBar can be installed easily and then turned on or off easily as well as shown in the below image.

QTTabBar Options: Windows Explorer Tabs

Install QT TabBar: Windows Explorer Tabs

  1. Download QT TabBar: Download the application for Windows Explorer tabs here. The current latest release is version 1.2.3b5 so the file downloaded will be named QTTabBar_1.2.3b5.zip if you are downloading the same version.
  2. Install QT TabBar:Now unzip the file you downloaded which will provide the executable isntaller which in my case was QTTabBar.exe. Double click the executable file to begin the installation process as shown in the below image.

    QTTabBar Install Wizard

  3. Reboot Computer:Now to finish the QTTabBar you are required to logoff and then log back on but I recommend just rebooting if you are going through the trouble of logging off.
  4. Enable QT TabBar Toolbars:Now open Windows Explorer and right click anywhere in the blank part of the toolbar to get a drop down menu that lists all available toolbars as shown in the first image in this article. Enable both the QT TabBar and the QT Tab Standard Buttons.

The first image below show a Windows Explorer window without QT TabBar enabled and the second image shows a Windows Explorer window with the QT TabBar enabled.

Windows Explorer without QT TabBar:

Windows Explorer Without Tabs Enabled

Windows Explorer with QT TabBar:

Windows Explorer With Tabs Enabled

So now I can enjoy the luxury of tabbed Windows Explorer browsing along with all the other tabs in my life. I hope this helps makes others lives much happier on a day to day basis.

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