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View iTunes Store Purchase History, Report a iTunes Store Order Problem

You must login to iTunes to view your iTunes store purchase history. Viewing your purchase history can serve many purposes however one of the most important is the ability to contact the iTunes store customer service department about a specific order. In my case I accidentally paid for a iPod Touch upgrade that I had already received for free. I actually thought it was a new upgrade that wasn’t installing properly when in fact I already had the upgrade installed so I had paid $9.99 for an upgrade that I already had installed. It was a little bit confusing about how to contact support regarding this error on my part so I wanted to note it on this site. Follow the instructions below to view purchase history and then contact iTunes store customer service regarding an order.

View iTunes Purchase History and Contact Support Regarding an Order:

  1. Open iTunes:First launch iTunes.
  2. View iTunes Store Account:Now select Store from the top navigation menu and choose “View My Account” from the drop down. This will open a login window as shown below.

    iTunes Store Login: View Account Information

    After entering your login information click the “View Account” button to login. This will take you to the iTunes store account information page as shown below.

    iTunes Store Account Information

  3. Open Purchase History:Now click on the “Purchase History” button located in the second section from the top of the iTunes store account information page. This will open a page listing all of the purchase you have made from the iTunes store using the account you are logged in with.
  4. Locate iTunes Purchase:Now to start the process to contact iTunes support about a specific order first you need to find the batch of orders where the item in question is located.  If it was a recent purchase it will probably be in the latest batch which by default is already expanded right below Purchase History and titled Latest Purchase.
  5. Initiate iTunes Customer Service Contact: Once located and the batch the item is located in has been expanded to display above the list of orders click on the “Report a Problem” button. This will now create “Report a Problem” links next to the cost of each item in the batch list as shown in the below image.

    iTunes Store Order: Report a Problem

    The links were hard to notice for me at first so after clicking the initial button I kept wondering what I was doing wrong. Anyhow I just happened to be missing the “Report a Problem” links that now existed next to each item in the order.

  6. Report a Problem With an Item: Now click on the “Report a Problem” link next to the item in question. This will open a window like the one below.

    iTunes Store: Order Problem

    Choose the correct Problem description from the drop down and then enter in details about the purchase and then click the Submit button. Once submitted the screen will change to the below to confirm the problem was reported.

    iTunes Store: Order Problem Submitted

  7. Email Confirmation: Once you have submitted this form verify you also receive an email confirming the issue has been reported properly.

You should receive a response from the iTunes store customer support staff within 24 hours.

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