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How to View Your Personal Skype Profile As Other Skype Users See It

Earlier I was playing around with my Skype profile and I realized there wasn’t a link that was obvious to view my own Skype profile. I wanted to make sure profile items that I was allowing only contacts to see were only seen by contacts.

Finally I thought of a way to view the profile without the link actually being provided. While you cannot add the contact your are signed in with to your contact list you can actually still search for that user and view the profile. First lets make any necessary modifications to your personal Skype profile.

Edit Skype Profile:

  1. Open Skype: First launch your Skype application and login if you do not have the Skype application set to automatically login in.
  2. Edit Skype Profile: Click the Personalize button located right above the list of contacts in your Skype interface. This will open a drop down navigation menu, as shown below, so select “Edit Your Profile…” from the options.

    Skype: Edit Your Profile

  3. Make Profile Changes: After clicking on the “Edit Your Profile..” option in the drop down menu your entire Profile will appear in a new configuration window. In this configuration window there are three types of profile options which include “Details that all people on Skype will see”, “Details that only my contacts will see”, and “Private details”. Each type of option is pretty self explanatory as are the actual options located in each type. One item that you can configure here however you will not be able to see without viewing your profile as an outside user is the “Show how many contacts I have”.
  4. Update Skype Profile: Now click the “Update” button located at the bottom right of the Profile configuration window to save the changes/additions you have made to your Skype Profile.

View Your Skype Profile As Others See Your Skype Profile:

  1. Open Search Skype Users: Select Contacts from the top navigation menu and then select “Search For Skype Users..” from the drop down menu. This will open the “Search for people on Skype” window as shown below.

    Skype: Search for Skype Users

  2. Search For Personal Skype User: Now type in your Skype username in the search field, which in my case is narfonix, and click the Find button.
  3. Open Personal Profile: Your username will show in the list below after clicking the find button. The last column will be a round blue button in the Profile column which can be clicked to show your personal profile as shown below.

    View Your Own Skype Profile As Others See It

The above will allow you to see what others see when they view your Skype profile including the total number of contacts in your Skype contact list.

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