Toll Free Number Comparison, Includes 800, 877, 866 Numbers

Recently I did some research on purchasing a toll free number for a project I was working on. I figured it might be useful to others to provide a short list of the options I came across and some of the details. One thing that was important during this search was the fact that the toll free number had to allow multiple connections. I describe in this article the need for this if you are curious for my reasoning.

Below is a list of some of the companies I researched and information regarding a package they offer. Information listed will include website/sales contact, the monthly cost, minutes included in the plan, the per minute charge after the initial minutes are used, and the number of connections if I was able to get that information easily.

ATT/BellSouth Toll Free Number: Contact Sales Person

  • Cost: $60/Month
  • Included: Unlimited Minutes
  • Per Minute: No Charge
  • Number of Connections: 1

Office Depot w/AccessLine: website

Option 1:

  • Cost: $5.50/Month
  • Included: 100 Minutes
  •  Per Minute: 5.5¢
  • Number of Connections: ?

Option 2:

  • Cost: $87/Month
  • Included: 3000 Minutes
  • Per Minute: 2.9¢
  • Number of Connections: ?

AccessLine: web

  • Cost: $9.99/Month
  • Included: 256 Minutes
  • Per Minute: 3.9¢
  • Number of Connections: 16

Accu-Rate – 800 Forwarding: web

  • Cost: $0.00/Month
  • Included: 0
  • Per Minute: 5.9¢
  • Number of Connections: ?

EWorld, LLC – Get800Today: web

  • Cost: $2.00
  • Included: 0
  • Per Minute: 3.9¢
  • Number of Connections: ?

We decided to go with the Smart800 product from AccessLine because they could provide the most confident answer regarding connections. Their answer of 16 simultaneous connections will be enough for us for the foreseeable future. I would suggest not purchasing the toll free number from ATT as they have a hard time even directing you to the right technical support group inside their company.

One other thing to note is if you are using a toll free number for any type of marketing or sales then make sure to get an actual 800 number if at all possible. Toll free numbers are available with the prefix 800, 866, 877, and 888 however some consumers might think that anything other than 800 is not a toll free number so if it ends up costing one sale then putting in the extra effort to make sure you get an actual 800 number was worth it.

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