Redmine: Provide Reporter Level User Access to All Issues Statuses

Redmine: Provide Reporter Level User Access to All Issues Statuses

Modifying user level permissions in Redmine is fairly easy though it is done in two locations. The first location to modify user permissions is “Roles and Permissions” under the Administration section. The second location is Workflow which is also located under the Administration section. Below I describe a bit more about each section and what can be modified, added, and removed on a per “Role” level.

Modify Roles and Permissions:

First lets open up permissions for the Reporter role. Click on Administration in the top navigation menu and then click on “Roles and Permissions” on the new screen. This will open a list of Roles where you will be able to order them or click on a role to change its permissions. Go ahead and click on Reporter and you will see a configuration screen similar to the below.

Redmine: Reporter Role Permissions

You will see in the above image that I have modified the default permissions for the Reporter role. All of the changes from the default have been made underneath the “Issue Tracking” section as for this company the reporters are also a QA style group that needs access to modify the tickets (Issues) any way they see fit. In this particular instance I added “Delete Issues” and “Edit Issues” among others to the Reporter role level.

Modify Workflow:

Now if we want to modify the ability for the Reporter role to set a Issue to any status you need to go to the Workflow configuration section. Again click on Administration in the top navigation menu. On the same line as Trackers and “Issue Statuses” will be the next link we want to click on named Workflow. Click on Workflow to open the workflow configuration page. Now select Reporter from the Role drop down and select the Tracker you want to open up Issue Statuses for. In the example image below we will be modifying the Bug tracker for the Reporter role.

Redmine: Workflow: Role - Reporter, Tracker: Bug

 Click the Edit button to open up a page that will look like the below. Here you can modify what the Reporter role can change Issue Statuses to when an Issue is set to a specific status already.

Redmine: Reporter Role: Tracker Bug Workflow

As you can see above I modified the allowed statuses to mirror the permissions a Manager would have. This allows the Reporters in this configuration to open, close, reject, reassign, delete, and resolve Redmine tickets.

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