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Play a Video From iPod Touch or iPhone on Your Computer

Playing a video that is located on your iPod Touch or your iPhone on your computer is easy. The great thing about this is you can download many podcasts or other media programs in high definition so if you have a large monitor or your PC is connected to your TV you can now easily play media from your iPhone or Touch on your TV. The main problem I had in making all of this happen is the fact that I typically sync my iPod Touch to my laptop but I have a PC in my office that is connected to my TV where I like to watch some of the podcasts I have downloaded. Below I mention how play media from your iDevice on your computer as well as how to load data from multiple computers onto your iPod Touch or iPhone.

Add Media From Multiple Computers To iPhone or iPod Touch:

  1. Connect iPhone: First connect your iPhone or iPod Touch to your PC via the USB cable. If you still have the default settings configured then iTunes will automatically launch and a synchronization between the device and the computer will automatically begin. If the synchronization has started then go ahead and stop sync by sliding the bar on the iPhone or iPod Touch that says “Slide to Cancel”.
  2. Click on Device: Now in iTunes you will see your iPhone or iPod Touch listed in the left side navigation menu under “DEVICES”. Click on the device to bring up the Summary tab in iTunes. Under the third heading, which is Options, on the summary page you have three configuration options you can modify here. The first is “Open iTunes when this iPod is attached”. I personally like iTunes to launch when I connect my Touch but modify this to your preference. The second option is not important because it will be greyed out once we check the third option which is “Manually manage music and videos”. Checking this third option will allow you to manually drag media onto your iPhone or Touch from multiple computers instead of automatically trying to synchronize each time you connect. So this will make it so your iTunes is no longer a mirror image of your iDevice however again you will be able to put media from multiple locations onto your iPhone or iPod Touch by doing this.
  3. Test Adding Media: Now that you have modified the setting above your media will no longer be automatically synced so go download something from the iTunes store and test dragging it onto your iDevice.

Play iPod Touch or iPhone Media On Your Computer:

  1. Connect Device: First connect your device using the devices USB cable to the PC you want to play the media on. If  iTunes is not set to automatically launch go ahead and launch iTunes now.
  2. Browse Media: Now click on your iPod Touch or iPhone in the left navigation in iTunes and browse the media options which include Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, and your Playlists. Open the type of media you are going to play which in my case is a hak5 podcast.
  3. Play Media: Now from your PC just double click on the podcast you want to play. It will now open and start to play on the PC. If the PC is attached to your TV you can now sit back and enjoy the podcast on your TV.

The awesome part about the above is now I can still mostly manage my Touch from my laptop but any time I want to view downloaded content from the Touch on my TV all I have to do is plug it into the other computer in my office. I won’t have to go through the tedious synchronization process if all I want to do is view the video on the TV which is the case most of the time.

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