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Outlook: Remove Click Here to Enable Instant Search Message

If you do not have Instant Search enabled for Microsoft Outlook then there will be a message that displays on every screen asking you to click to enable it. This message is really annoying however it is also easy to get rid of. Follow the directions below to remove the message without having to install Instant Search.

Outlook Message:
Click here to enable Instant Search

Outlook: Click To Enable Instant Search

Steps to Remove Instant Search Message:

  1. Open Outlook Options: With Microsoft Outlook open click on Tools in the top navigation menu and select Options from the drop down. Then click on the Other tab in the new configuration window as shown below in the image.

    Microsoft Outlook: Tools Menu: Options Window

  2. Open Advanced Options: Now click the Advanced Options button to display another configuration window as shown in the below image.

    Outlook: Advanced Options

  3. Disable Instant Search Message: Now remove the checkmark from the box next to “show prompts to enable Instant Search”.
  4. Verify Message Is Disabled: Now verify the message is disabled by clicking the OK button at the bottom of each of the configuration windows that have opened. The message should no longer appear above the center column in Microsoft Outlook.

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