Redmine: How to Edit an Issue Description and Issue Subject

Let me start by saying if you are not yet using Redmine for technical project management I highly suggest you start doing so immediately. It is very easy to import Trac projects and with minimal coding efforts you can import from any ticketing system you are currently using.

I am fairly new to Redmine and I just entered a ticket with some incorrect information in the description. After looking around for a bit I was unable to locate where to edit the description as it is a bit hidden. The ability is there to edit the description and subject by following the below instructions.

  1. Open Redmine Project Issue: First login to Redmine, click on the project with the Issue in question, and then select the Issues tab. This will display a list of issues as shown below in the image.

    Redmine: Issue List

  2. Select The Issue to Modify: Now put a check mark next to the ticket you want to modify as shown below.

    Redmine Project Management: Highlighted Issue

  3. Right Click and Select Edit: Now right click somewhere on the highlighted ticket line and select Edit from the pop up menu as shown below in the image.

    Redmine: Issue Edit Menu

  4. Open More Settings: Now click the More link located to the right of “Change properties” as shown in the below image.

    Redmine: Issue Edit Window: Change Properties

    Once you click on the more link a new configuration window that allows you to edit the Description and Subject will open as shown below.

    Redmine: Edit Issue Description & Subject

  5. Modify Description & Subject: Now make the necessary changes to the Description and Subject and then click the Submit button at the bottom of the configuration window. This will save the modified Description and Subject and then redirect you to a view of the updated ticket.

One thing to note is this will not send a notification email indicating the update to the Redmine Issue Description and/or Subject.

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