Redmine email.yml: Enable Email Sending Through Gmail

Redmine email.yml: Enable Email Sending Through Gmail

Follow the below instructions to have your Redmine application send email using TLS through Gmail. As long as you have a Gmail account you will be able to send mail through

  1. Install TLS: First install TLS for the Redmine project. Login to the server with the user that runs Redmine and issue the below command from the Redmine project root directory to install TLS.

    1. ./script/plugin install
  2. Modify email.yml File: Now modify the email.yml file with contents similar to the below.

    1. production:
    2. delivery_method: :smtp
    3. smtp_settings:
    4. tls: true
    5. address:
    6. port: 587
    7. domain: YOURDOMAIN
    8. authentication: :login
    9. user_name: "GMAILUSER"
    10. password: "GMAILPASSWORD"
  3. Restart Web Server: Restart your web server which in my case is LiteSpeed.
  4. Test Ticket Updates: Now update a ticket that belongs to you and see if you receive an update via email. If you do not then check the Administration >> Settings area to make sure everything is configured properly within Redmine.

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