How to Sync Google Calendar to Verizon Wireless Voyager LG VX10000

How to Sync Google Calendar to Verizon Wireless Voyager LG VX10000

This was written to assist a friend syncing his Google Calendar items with his Verizon Wireless LG VX10000 cell phone. Follow the directions below to import your calendar items into the Voyager VX10000.

  1. Download Windows USB Drivers: First you will want to download and install the USB drivers for your Verizon Wireless Voyager cell phone from Verizon’s web site. Download LG Voyager Windows USB here.
  2. Install LG Voyager Windows USB Drivers: Double click on the .exe file that was just downloaded from the Verizon Wireless web site. This will start the installation process and guide you through step by step. If there are any issues with installation check the Verizon site for assistance.
  3. Download and Install BitPim: Now visit BitPim’s download page here. Once downloaded click on the BitPim .exe file to launch the installation wizard. Again this is a step by step process but if you have any issues check for assistance.
  4. Export Google Calendar: Now export your Google calendar by visiting your Calendar page. After you have the Google Calendar page open click Settings in the top right of the page and then click on the Calendars tab under Calendar Settings which will look like the image below.

    Google Calendar Settings: Export Calendar

    Now click the “Export Calendars” link which will pop open a download file box. The type of file being downloaded will be a zip file but once extracted will include a .ICS file for each of your calendars. Go ahead and extract the .ICS files and note the location and name of the file you will import.

  5. Import Google Calendar .ICS via BitPim: Now launch BitPim which we will use to import the Google Calendar .ICS file into your phones calendar. Follow the instructions here to import your Google Calendar into your phone.

This will allow you to manually sync your Google Calendar items with your Verizon Wireless LG Voyager phone. In theory you can now sync your Outlook calendar items with your LG Voyager (VX10000) phone by first syncing between Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. While this is not the easiest method it is something you could do once a day to keep your calendar items up to date on your VX10000 Verizon Wireless phone.