Technology Errors

Google Gmail Account Settings Not Showing up In Internet Explorer

Recently I noticed that my Gmail Settings were no longer showing in Internet Explorer on a Windows XP laptop. I figured from the start that it was related to the way Internet Explorer handles CSS and sure enough that was the cause in some shape or form. Below are two images that show what my Gmail settings look like in Internet Explorer followed by what they should look like in every browser (in the correct example FireFox is used).

Technology Errors

WordPress File Upload Error: The uploaded file could not be moved to

When attempting to upload files via the WordPress admin to your blog you might receive the below error. This error can be caused for a couple different reasons of which the main reason relates to permissions. Resolving the issue is a security risk but depending on how convenient you want it to be to upload files will depend on if you should use the WP admin or if you should just FTP the files to your blog site.

Error: WordPress File Upload Error: The uploaded file could not be moved to /wordpress/root/wp-content/uploads/2009/04

Below I list two different causes and resolutions for each one.

Technology Insights

Using mysqldump to Backup MySQL Databases and Restoring with mysql

Dump MySQL database: Use the below mysqldump command syntax to dump a single database from a MySQL


  1. mysqldump -u root -ppassword database_name > database_staging-04-14-2008.sql

Dump One Table from a MySQL DB: The below syntax will dump one MySQL table including the SQL syntax needed to drop that table if it already exists in the database you eventually restore it to.