I followed the instructions to Google Sync with my iPhone, but the iPhone would do nothing even when I opened Contacts or Calendar on the iPhone. The issue was that the Google account was on Google Apps and not a regular Google account.

Turn on ActiveSync on Google apps with these instructions. Also see the below screenshot.


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9 Responses to “Enable ActiveSync when syncing contacts/calendars with mobile devices (including iPhone) with a Google Apps account”
  1. patelc75 says:

    Two URLs to view the calendar on the iPhone without syncing:
    http://calendar.google.com/a/your.domain/m (gives you a better list view)
    http://www.google.com/calendar/hosted/yourdomainname.com (gives you a month view)

    Also to share you Google Calendar with others outside of your domain go to this

    On a side note, here’s the link to create a Google App:


  2. patelc75 says:

    Also, the link to Google Sync with your iPhone (via Exchange):

    And how to get your Outlook calendar migrated over to Google (before you starting syncing with the above tool):


  3. patelc75 says:

    If you don’t have Google apps, here’s the web link for your iphone (if you’re not using Google’s Exchange to sync):

    If you do have Google Apps follow this:

    1. Go to http://m.google.com on your iphone
    2. Click the button at the bottom that says “”Google App user? Tap to configure for your domain.”
    3. After typing in your domain and submitting, click “Sign in your Google Apps Account”


  4. patelc75 says:

    To sync multiple Google Calendars with the iPhone Calendar app,

    Go to http://m.google.com (Login into Google App domain if necessary)
    Click Sync icon
    Choose the iPhone under “Manage Devices”
    Click the calendar you want to sync


  5. Chirag Patel says:

    For those trying to use http://m.google.com, you’re out of luck because it only works for mobile devices (the ‘m’ is for mobile). Google wants you to use contacts and calendars through their web interface so you’ll see the ads.


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