Install Screenshot and Snipit Tool on Windows XP

Install Screenshot and Snipit Tool on Windows XP

A friend of mine showed me the Snipit tool on Windows Vista and I really wanted something similar on Windows XP however I was having a hard time locating one by searching for Snipit. After awhile I was able to find a couple of different options to try out on The two I ended up trying were ScreenHunter and ScreenPrint32 v3 on my Windows XP laptop. After testing both of these I would suggest using ScreenPrint32 v3 instead of ScreenHunter. It appeared to me that while both options were free ScreenHunter Free was an attempt to get you to purchase ScreenHunter Pro. ScreenHunter is also one of those applications that when you install it they attempt to install some shady toolbar in the process. So below I explain the download, install, and configuration of ScreenPrint32 v3 on Windows XP.

  1. Download ScreenPrint32 v3: First download the Screen Print & Capture file from here.
  2. Install Screen Print & Capture:Now unpack the file you have downloaded and double click on the setup.exe file to install Screen Print & Capture.
  3. Configuration Tips:Screen Print & Capture has a lot of options but if you simply want a tool to capture any area of your PC’s screen then make the following changes. First modify the “Capture Key” as shown below. I chose to use the F11 key instead of PrntScrn since I wanted to still be able to do normal Print Screens.

    Windows XP Snipit Tool: Screen Print & Capture

  4. Change Print Options: Now turn off automatic printing by removing the check from next to “Enable Printing” as shown below.

    Windows Vista Snipit Tool for Windows XP: Print Options

  5. Change Save Options: Now turn on automatic saving of the captured areas to disk by adding a check next to “Save Captured Area to Disk” and then modifying any other settings in that area as shown below.

    Screen Print & Capture: Save Options

  6. Test Screen Print & Capture: Now hit the F11 key (or whatever your shortcut key was) and select an area on the screen followed by right clicking. This should automatically save the image to where ever you specified in the Save configuration options.

After initial testing and searching for a similar product to Windows Vista Snipit tool I found Screen Print & Capture to be the closest actually free item.