Tmobile Google G1 Android Cell Phone Won’t Turn on

My wife has a Google G1 phone from T-Mobile and she couldn’t get it to turn on the other day. It was stuck at a screen with the Android logo on the front and pressing any buttons would not resolve the issue. I decided to remove the battery from the G1 cell phone to make sure it completely rebooted.

Removing the battery was a task in itself. There are a bunch of videos to explain how to do this but even with the video it was hard to remove the case that covers the battery.

T-Mobile Google G1 Battery Removal:

  1. Visit Flash Video:  URL HERE
  2. Click Guides
  3. Click Battery Removal
  4. Watch Video

Again this may be a hard to do even with the video shown above. My recommendation would be that you need to be very careful but try not to get frustrated and break something. I had to be fairly forceful removing the battery cover. Once the cover is off it is simple to remove the battery from the G1.

Removing the battery, waiting about 30 seconds, replacing the battery, and then holding the red hang-up button to turn the phone on resolved the problem.

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