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Outlook Contacts Not Showing Up In Skype

Outlook contacts not showing up in Skype has been a problem bugging me for a couple weeks but I have not had the time to look into it until tonight. I figured that it might be a bug or something with Skype since I recently upgraded however I was incorrect. For some reason when I turned on “Show Outlook Contacts” in Skype only two of my contacts were showing up. Luckily this was the case or it would have taken a lot longer to figure out.

The issue is that in my Skype setup (not sure if it is this way for all configurations) the numbers require a +1 to be in front of the area code. So for instance if you have a contact and the number is 502-123-1234 it will not show up in Skype unless you add a plus one for the number to show as +1502-123-1234. Below I describe a couple tips to convert all of your numbers a bit easier. There is probably a VB script out there that will do this easier but it  was much easier to convert all of your Outlook contact numbers as I discuss below than manually editing each one.

  1. Export Outlook  Contacts: First export your Outlook contacts to a Windows based comma separated file. You can do this by clicking File in the top navigation and then selecting Import and Export from the drop down menu. Follow the steps and make sure to select “Export to a file” followed by “Comma Separated Values (Windows)”.
  2. Search and Replace: Now either use Excel or some text editor (I used Notepad++) to open the exported contacts and search and replace. Most of your numbers are probably from a couple area codes which in my case were 502 (Louisville) and 702 (Las Vegas) so you can mass edit much easier. Remember to not just find and replace on 502 but also (502) and include the preceding double quotes to make sure you are not editing the middles of numbers. Once you have made the changes save the file.
  3. Import Outlook Contacts: Now import the file you have just modified by again selecting File from the top navigation and selecting Import and Export. This time we will select “Import from another program or file” as our first option and again “Comma Separated Values (Windows)” as our second value. Make sure to select the file where you saved the changes. Make sure to select “Replace duplicates with items imported” so you don’t end up with two of each contact.
  4. Turn Outlook Contacts Off/On: Now in Skype select the Contacts menu item from the top navigation and uncheck “Show Outlook Contacts”. Once you have done that do the same again but this time make sure “Show Outlook Contacts” is checked and watch all of the newly modified contacts start to appear in Skype.

A couple cool things about this is if you only contact certain people from Skype you can actually filter out the contacts you don’t want to show in Skype by just removing the +1. Also you will more than likely have a bunch of contacts from other area codes that you can either modify with search and replace or you can manually edit these contacts as necessary. If “Show Outlook Contacts” is greyed out you might not have any with the +1 in front of the area code so modify one number to verify this is your problem.

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